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Local Williams woman:

I had the pleasure of working with Anna for a year during a very challenging and “stuck” time in my life. Her full presence and energy healing was absolutely the catalyst to transforming my life. Her knowledge and craft is impeccable and she taught me skills to take into my life that shifted my entire reality. I call her the "Energetic Ninja" and that she is! She was able to realign my energy field time after time to the frequency of harmony no matter where I was at or what I was going through. She weaved in and deconstructed patterns that changed me completely. Her voice, her touch, her presence and her love was absolutely invaluable to my healing and I am so grateful! I highly recommend Anna and have sent many people her way and they have all had profoundly healing experiences.

Thank You Anna!


Yaalini Devi

Long Term Client /Reiki Student (6years)

I began seeing Anna for support in enduring a complicated and compromised life situation. Over the course of three years of regular sessions and teachings with Anna I have not only successfully untangled myself from this position, but have experience healing on the deepest levels to support this change. Anna is a skilled and intuitive counselor, able to interpret what I'm saying and effortlessly lead me to the heart of matter. She calls on many wise sources of information such as non-violent communication and has literally guided me to restructure my thoughts and ways of interacting with the world. Anna's hands on energy work is potent and effective. She has a strong connection with reiki and is able to sense and heal energetic imbalances on so many levels. Anna knows crystals. She is in touch and familiar with her rock allies and supports her work with their help. Be aware that Anna's work can and will change your life. It will make space for deep shifts and lead to transformation and a return to path and purpose. With her help I am now in a place to share my light and love with others, to pass on the healing I have received.

Client's request to remain anonymous

Gendai Reiki Attunement Student & Client:


The Reiki attunement totally shifted my energy patterns and overall emotional health. With the  practice of self-healing and other exercises, I feel like I've been able to reconnect to my deeper self, raise the quality of my thoughts and feelings, and feed myself with all the energies I needed but was unable to find in my daily life and interactions. I feel calmer, cleaner and more capable of connecting to the things I want and transmuting what's not helping. 

Anna is a great teacher, with much love and dedication to Reiki and her students, and a super awesome connection to higher frequencies. I definitely recommend spending as much time as you can learning from her!


Élora Ugo, aka Lola

Long Term Remote Client (3years)


I am so glad to have met Anna. Working with her has been a most transformational experience. She is a truly compassionate listener who is gentle and kind yet thorough and effective in her practice. On a physical, emotional and spiritual level she has helped me to shine light, while clearly examining and making positive connections with past experiences and current situations that were seemingly too cloudy to decipher previously. I highly recommend her as a Confidant and as a Healer.

jai MA

Tobi Giri

Testimonial from Kambo Client:

Anna is an incredible Kambo practitioner. I found her practice to be professional, safe, loving, fully integrated with ritual, and profoundly powerful. As a couple my partner and I have seen Anna for two Kambo sessions, both equally life changing for our individual beings and our relationship. Anna has helped my partner and I get to the root of deep patterns within our relationship/selves that we were wanting to shift; with her brilliant Kambo sessions we were able to make those shifts more gracefully, grounded, and fully. I can't recommend Anna enough- I fully trust and have faith in any work Anna does. In the medicine world I find it hard to find people serving medicine that have integrity, professionalism, and a safe container. Anna is a rare find and I'm so honored to have gotten to work with her. 



(Comment from Anna about Kambo – it is a purgatory Frog venom medicine from the Amazon, that can help release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances within someone’s system – if you wish to find out more please feel free to ask me about it)

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