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Kambo is a remedy/medicine that is an ultimate detox for the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. Aiding deep transformation and change at any stage of your life.

The medicine comes from the secretion of the "Giant Waxy Monkey Tree frog" scientifically known as Phyllodusa Bicolor (2 colors), which can be found in the Amazonian Jungles in South America. Kambo is collected by a variety of indigenous people in Peru, Brazil & Columbia including the Matses, Yawinawa and Kashinawa.


The Kambo medicine is utilized for healing health issues/re-alignment, increasing connection & perception with the elements/wildlife for hunting, removal of negative energy "mal ojo", good luck and even finding partnership to raise a family. Some have ceremonial aspects to their Kambo application (for instance they will sing specific songs to connect with the spirit of Kambo)  and others simply apply the medicine.

The secretion is collected from the surface of the frog's skin and applied through the epidermis layer of our skin, which helps the medicine to become absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Kambo begins to be circulated around the body through the Lymphatic and cardiovascular systems which enables the 16 bio-active peptides within the medicine to go to all the areas of the body where there are toxins, or blocked  or imbalanced energies.

The Kambo then aids our bodies to purge what is no longer needed this can be in a variety of ways some examples are: vomiting, excretion, sweat, tears, energetic releases, sound.

The whole journey is unique to each individual and can even be very different each time a person decides receive the medicine, depending on what they bring as a focus or prayer to the spirit of Kambo at that time.

If you are looking to do some deep inner cleansing, create a chance to reset yourself on your path and experience clearer perception and focus with a greater sense of connection to life, Kambo can help you achieve this.

I will be happy to assist you with questions and more details on how you can set up an appointment in person.


Currently, sessions take place at my healing sanctuary, and if I have enough people interested in taking part I can travel to you if you are in Oregon.

Because of the nature of how this medicine works I discuss your current health situation before your appointment, and review preparations for your ceremony so that you can get the most out of your experience with the Kambo. Feel free to call/text or email me for more information.



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