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Personal Sessions

Within a sacred container we can discover and co-create a way for you to experience your own healing through openness to change and relaxation. We can utilize the tools that I work with to encourage an energetic experience with spirit, this can help you release imbalances within your being, allowing transformation to occur so that you can re-connect with who you really are and allow your Spirit to shine.


Most of your experience will be receiving energetic healing through connection with Gendai Reiki and Crystals, with other gifts being offered as I am guided by spirit to share, this can be in the form of song or sound, and help from plant, bird or animal spirit allies.

When we can become expanded beyond our physical reality and move into a state of presence deep transformation is possible. When you are ready, the potential for radical change can be discovered within and the universe will begin reflecting towards you what you discover. As you begin to tend to your interior garden of beauty, your life experiences can blossom.


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