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Sacred Space

Sacred space is within us and around us, all we need is to be present and connect with it.

We can be present and open to the universal flow of life, to witness the transformation of any imbalance in a space, place, person or other being of consciousness.


By remaining neutral to outcome, we can offer grace, compassion, love, reverence and respect, nurturing the return of balance, harmony and restoring unity in any situation.

Wherever there is an acceptance of the potential for change, it can occur in the creation of sacred space.

When we come to understanding that our innate nature is sacred and pure, holding a resonance of joy, love and compassion within our hearts, all else can fall away restoring harmony and balance. Witnessing transitions of this nature can be very powerful and healing for all beings, for all spaces and places.

There is great flexibility in this service I offer. Creating a sacred space for a group experience, bringing healing to the land you live on, your house or place of work. Sometimes loved ones who have passed on can also need help with their transition to the light, especially if there have been challenges in relationship or through the death process.

Sometimes there may be imbalances due to lost, confused or malevolent spirits being present in a space or place, or even attached to our bodies. This can affect our psyche and general wellbeing hampering our own ability to live everyday life. If something of this sort is a concern for you I am happy to help assess your situation and if need be assist a being in it's transition to help restore order, balance and peace. 

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If when reading this information your intuition is saying “yes”, feel free 

to contact me and we can discuss your current situation further.



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