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Your gifts explained:

Cultural diversity is a blessing that can help us get out of our own way, and this is why I am including a variety of gifts from different Cultural Knowledge & Wisdom as well as something honed from my own experience.

To help you shift awareness from a place of burnout and martyrdom here is something potent and spirit filled, a story  imparting wisdom, something playful, and a way to witness yourself. Each gift is explained in the order they are displayed in the previous page. Click the button to the right when you are ready to return to the gifts themselves and interact with them.

Jumping Mouse Story:

Northern Cheyenne Story taken from "Seven Arrows" by Hyemeyohsts Storm

Oral delivery of a story full of wisdom at the right time for the right reason is an Art, a person who can do this is considered a Raconteur. This story was relayed to me by my late Mentor and Muse Robert Gilbert at a time where I was in soul crisis. It changed my perspective & gave me the strength and courage to persevere with my dreams and what had meaning to me.

It is both playful and full great wisdom. It is one of my all time favorite stories, and thus I share it with you. Continuing the oral tradition of passing this wisdom on. I encourage you to listen to it and see which aspects of it you identify with, and how this could relate to your life? Are there ways you can learn from this story that could help guide you in your own decisions and path?

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra:

This Mantra is an Indian Hindu Sanskrit Mantra that is found in the Vedas known as the "Great Conqueror of Death". It has been used for centuries, it is a very powerful prayer sung to the deity Lord Shiva, also known as the Three Eyed Lord, one of the most important deities in Hinduism. Shiva may represent goodness and benevolence, and he serves as the Protector. Shiva is considered both the destroyer and creator of all things, so can help dissolve or transform great hardship sickness, depression, patterns or situations/experiences and even aid a person transitioning from life into the afterlife. Whatever your strongest burden or trouble can be helped to shift with this mantra. I have seen incredible things change through singing this mantra for myself and others, like a cucumber being plucked from a vine it brings sweetness & nourishment, restoring to a state of thriving health, wealth and well-being.

In your gift  the first Maha Mrityunjaya mantra recording is  sung 9 times in a row. This is a sacred number and a lot of mantras are repeated in rounds of 9 to complete singing it 108 times in total. I add a link here to explain more about the sacredness and effectiveness of singing/listening in rounds like these if you are interested.

If you put this mantra on repeat and listen to it 12 times in a row, you will reach listening to it 108 times (alternatively you can set a timer for 63mins 48 seconds and this will be the completion of 108 times with the mantra looping). 

Saying the word/sound "Aum" (Om) before and after listening to or singing the mantras connects you to the infinite beyond conception, a way of be a part of the "all that is". It is a way to actually participate in the invoking of the mantra.

I am also including another recording I have made of me singing the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra 108 times as one song. In this recording I begin with a collection of other mantras to different deities which is a daily mantra my teacher has taught me. The deities and influences invoked include Ganesha, Kartikeya, the 5 Primordial sounds, Chandi, the Gayatri Mantra, Durga, Shiva and Ma. I suggest listening to this in meditation or quietly to soothe & calm yourself with a focus for asking for help to  let go of strong illness, depression, difficult circumstance, loss of loved ones or prayers for a loved one who will soon be passing or has just passed, and the ending of circumstances or relationships.

Usually when a Sanskrit Mantra is sung to a particular deity for help or just in praise of them an incense will be lit to honor them, a candle too can help the focus of representing the light of spirit, and often an image of the deity will be present as well

(you can find many images of Lord Shiva on line if you want to include this as part of your experience).

Remember saying the word/sound "Aum" (Om) before and after listening to or singing the mantras connects you to the infinite beyond conception, a way of be a part of the "all that is". It is a way to actually participate in the invoking of the mantra.

Feel free to get in touch with me and let me know of your experiences and how this helps you.

Mapping & Neutral Witness Meditation:

Learning how to be a neutral witness to your own reality and what you think & believe is an incredible tool. A tool for letting go, releasing what doesn't serve you and creating potential for transforming information that is stored in the memory of your cells. When you are neutral and not attached to things being a certain way there can be a freedom experienced. This freedom can often lead to immediate or rapid transformation of the original feeling/thought/stored information that was being witnessed, allowing for trauma from the past to shift and be released.

This meditation will help you to navigate learning the skill of being a neutral witness and allowing space for experiences you may have stored in your body to come to the surface to be released and transformed leaving room for you to be able to experience something new.

I suggest you do it sitting down (please refrain from doing this whilst driving), and preferably where you can have quiet time alone to allow space for any feelings/thoughts that may surface to be given room for expression.

The meditation begins and ends with an exercise that helps spatially orient you, it can help to bring you to more body awareness and become more present in your body and surroundings, you can also do this exercise any time you like when you are too much in your thoughts or in a state of fight or flight. At the end of the meditation you may want to have a pen and paper handy or way to record what you notice afterwards as this may help you to go more deeply into understanding what has happened.


I would also suggest giving yourself time just to "be"afterwards before getting on with any tasks. It is in allowing yourself space like this that you will be able to notice more and more what your spirit and soul are trying to tell you through your body. The idea is to get away from doing and begin just noticing, this allows us to get closer to "being", where we are more open and expanded to receive spirit or life force energy into our field, and we can be connected to harmonizing and balancing frequencies of love and light, where new information can enter in the spaces between our cells and physical structure.

See if you can approach it with curiosity without a need to be "right" about anything. You will be amazed at what can happen when approaching from this perspective. Be creative! This can be fun, be your own sleuth.

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