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Anna has been experiencing the healing powers of Crystals and Reiki for 20 years and is custodian to an extensive crystal library. As a Gendai Reiki Practitioner she blends the spiritual & practical knowledge of this Reiki lineage with the Crystal consciousness accessible through the gems and minerals in her collection.


Her personal journey includes worldwide travel studying with different indigenous cultures and individual shamanic practitioners, nurturing development of her own potent healing practices and intuitive communications with the elements of nature and beings beyond the physical realm.


Her skills have been enhanced more recently through study in the Peruvian Amazon becoming a skilled Kambo practitioner. Administration of this purgative Frog medicine allows clients to experience deep transformation and regeneration on all levels; body, heart, mind, and spirit which can lead to major life shifts.


Anna is also fascinated by modern technological instruments that utilize and merge scientific information with spiritual knowledge as these technologies can affect the potential for healing exponentially. Having acquired Radionics machines (Orgone/Chi Generators, hand made by Karl Welz) Anna can send focused intentions with these devices through the quantum field to the DNA of clients 24/7.


Anna considers time with clients a co-creative process and solidifies and grounds energetic experiences into the physical realm with them through cognitive practices to create lasting change. She utilizes a variety of tools, Compassionate Listening, “The Work” process of Byron Katie, and Marshal Rosenburg’s “Non-Violent Communication” skills to help clients navigate their relationships to self and others learning how to take responsibility for what is ‘theirs’ and discovering how to have healthy experiences in life.


Teaching has become a passion for Anna and as a Gendai Reiki Master Teacher she attunes students into experiencing their own connection to Reiki, enabling them to discover their own path to inner presence and transformation. She is also an advocate for spiritual connection and wisdom through sound, song and prayer having apprenticed with a variety of Song carriers and teachers over the past 12 years. She utilizes these diverse teachings to help create sacred space and potential for others to learn to sing and find internal and outer connection to Spirit. Her teachers include Windsong Martin (Singer/Songwriter and Song carrier - recognized worldwide), White Buffalo Stands (Burton Fisher jr. – Northern Cheyenne Elder), and Rocker-T (Singer/Songwriter/Musician – recognized Worldwide).

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