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Crystals can Rock your World!

A crystal is a solid thing, so they say...I have found that this theory rather gets in the way. Navigating space in-between moving molecules, where the universal life force flows, there is no solidity. Crystals can make it easy to navigate these spaces and are a conduit or a bridge for the universal life force to enter your body, heart, mind and spirit. 


If you think of a crystal as a very slow-moving form of molecules, with lots of space in between those molecules, it is through these spaces that coded light information can flow freely. This light is an emanation of the divine, Great Spirit, Creator. It has intelligence, a wisdom, that can bring balance, harmony, love, and so much more. 


It is my belief that when this light flows through the spaces in the crystals, it activates the ‘solid’ molecules present (i.e. specific minerals/metals/elements within the crystal), sending a frequency into our body allowing us to see specific qualities of our existence that no longer serve us, and at the same time come to terms with any trauma or patterning that may be held in the memory of our cells, releasing it, and raising our vibration to a higher rate of consciousness.


Crystals are the best form of therapy! They show you where the imbalance is, and then give you the tool to fix it, and the best part is that the tool is always something you already have access to inside, it’s just a matter of being reminded. When we are reminded and realize we already have what we need, we can relax and become present in everyday life, which allows us to find our gift within and rock our own world!


Find your Gift Within…the crystals are waiting

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