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Radionics is a method of creating “action at a distance”, sending frequencies through the quantum field via scalar waves which are the same type of waves created by our brains. Whilst working with radionics I utilize electronic devices called Orgone generators, which produce a constant stream of orgone (or chi). I work with crystals, Gendai Reiki and other shamanic practices in conjunction with the machines to enhance the frequencies and accuracy of what is being created.


As a witness to the chi generated by the Orgone devices, sensing it in my body and spirit with focused meditation, I believe it is possible to create an experience or manifestation of chi at a distance for clients - those who are willing to be open & dedicated to personal transformation seem to be able to receive the most positive results from this service. In this state of openness and curiosity I believe we can be ready to release imbalances, blockages and stagnation of any form that prevent us from being in our purest, most vital state of creativity and inner power. Giving ourselves a chance to experience vibrance, balance, peace and harmony in our everyday lives.


 The Radionics devices I use are Orgone Generators (the Rad 5 and the Rad 2000) purchased from These electronic devices favor the Radionics “dial method” of setting intentions into the device whilst tuning into and focusing on a target (e.g. person, animal, plant, place, event) and/or trend (focused intention). 


Using Radionics is not necessarily more or less effective than other mechanisms of manifestation - it is simply a different style.


Here is some other information about the Orgone Generators I work with:

The Orgone Generators (also called Chi Generators) are comprised of a substantial amount of Super Orgonite which is charged at a Hertz (Hz) frequency via proprietary electromagnetic circuitry to produce a constant stream of Orgone.

The Orgone Generators have the same core function - the production of Life Force.  
Contrary to popular misconception, Orgonite only accumulates Orgone, it does not generate it.
These particular generators are the only Orgone devices that actually produce a Life Force field and are handmade by Karl Welz, the inventor of Orgonite and Orgone Generators.

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